Monday, September 16, 2013

Random Summer FUN!!!

 These. Kids. Are. Best. Friends.  I love their smiles, I love their giggles, I love their hugs and tiny voices.  These four kids make me happy, all the time.
 Chloe joined us this summer for our first attempt at Farm camp at Fern Valley Farm.  This camp was so much fun for them.  Farmer Larry showed them how to feed the animals, all about the plants they grow on the farm and they cooked their own lunch every day.  This was a great camp where kids got to run around play in the dirt, romp with the animals and have fun being a kid!  As you can tell from these 2 pictures they were exhausted all the way home.

 Looking back at these pictures of Hunter on the bike shows how our exercising with the kids has changed.  David and I have been pushing these boys in the BOB stroller since Hunter was 2 weeks old.  That stroller has logged hundreds of miles.  Now, Lucas is the only one who rides in the stroller and Hunter is fast enough on his bike to keep up with David and I when we run.  In these pictures he is still riding his smaller 16 inch Trek.  Since moving into the new house and living right on the Creeper Trail the boys have taken off on their bikes.  Poor Hunter would pedal his legs off trying to keep up with he has a 6 speed mountain bike and he rocks it!
 This summer we took a few trips to the Farmers' Market.  It is only 2 miles from the house and the perfect distance for the kids to ride their bikes.  This picture makes me laugh.  I tried to warn them, but they insisted on trying it out.  I did offer some advice, "back in and don't look down."  Some things in life you just have to experience.  I think they are cured of jobsite johnny!
 Lucas taking off on his bike, literally down the hill in Sparta!
 Pig watching.
 My sleeping beauties!
 Date night!  David and Matt showing off their masculinity with umbrella drinks.
 I'm not sure if he is laughing or crying but I got suckered into riding the quarter rides at the mall.  I have already forgotten why we went here.  I think one of them did something great and they wanted to go ride the escalators at the mall.  I know this sounds like we don't get out much but we do!!  I just don't take my boys to the mall unless I have too, they are boys, they have NO interest in looking at 'girly' stuff.  But, more importantly, we try to busy our days with adventures other than the mall or places that have escalators.
 Up and down, up and down.
 This was one of the rainiest summers on the books.  It was cool with a chance of a thunderstorm every 10 minutes.  Not only do I hate rain every day (I know we need it and I am grateful for the rain, but all summer is a bummer) but it sure does make it hard to enjoy the pool. Thankfully, we have some super fantastic friends with a hot tub nearby and one rainy evening invited us to 'swim' in the hot tub.  Now, that is my kind of swimming.  HOT, HOT, HOT!!

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