Thursday, September 19, 2013

More AI adventures

 Who knows what this guy was up too.  This picture makes me giggle, does it even look like Lucas?

 These guys are buddies and played so well together for 2 weeks.  Hunter loves his Eli.  Wish we saw them more often.

 A night of roasting marshmellows and making s'mores at the Beach Club.  Hunter and David had a chance to do this last year but it was always too late for Lucas.  This year he was able to rock through the evening with the rest of the clan.

 Took our bikes everywhere!  I love that we can bike all around the island.  Next year we might could  go without the golf cart.  It is helpful to have taking all our stuff to the pool and it is a fun toy to tool around the island on...but the Simmons love to bike.  Just look at Hunter go on his new big boy bike and Lucas was doing his best to pedal on the bike trailer.

 Here we are feeding the turtles.

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