Friday, September 20, 2013

Hunter's 6th birthday celebration weekend!

This year in lieu of a birthday bash at home, Hunter opted for an adventure!  He wanted to see a baseball game.  With wonderful family in Atlanta off we went to watch the Braves play. Hunter had 3 fabulous days of city fun.  It seems like I have more pictures of Lucas than Hunter, but I had the camera and I spent most the of birthday weekend with Lucas on a short leash.  Hunter had a great birthday weekend thanks to Aunt Noelle and Uncle Kevin!!   These pictures aren't in order but the festivities started on Friday afternoon.  First we went to Lego Land and then on to fine dining at a yummy Japanese restaurant.  What little kid isn't entertained by a hat, chopsticks and a funny guy who cooks up your food right in front of you!
Saturday evening we went to the game.  Atlanta was playing Miami and was on a crazy winning streak.  Unfortunately, they lost this game but Hunter and Eli LOVED it!  They managed to watch the entire game which included a little rain delay.  In the above picture we were lined up to walk around the infield.  AMAZING!  I loved this part, I think it was my favorite.  The kids got to look into the dugouts, see people working on the infield, hear the music and band, and gaze way up into the stands.  We were all gifted from the Yo-Simms an official Braves t-shirt with the name Simmons across the back.  Yes, it is our last name but the cool thing is the short stop for the Braves is also a Simmons!  Pretty cool, don't you think?
Lucas and I didn't exactly enjoy the game as much as the others.  Lucas was in a pretty cranky mood for most of the weekend and I was on duty to manage.  It was Okay and I had some smiles every now and again.  We spent some of the rain delay playing tag around these big balls.  He was a little young to sit through the game...maybe in a few years I will dare to go back with him. Maybe.

Lego Land enterance.

One room in Lego Land was designed after Atlanta.  They had the stadiums, football and baseball, downtown skyscrapers, Grant Park (where the Yo-Sims live and the zoo) and a replica of Stone Mountain.  I can only imagine how long it took to put this room together.

Here they are designing their own Lego cars to race.

Hunter at his birthday dinner!
Saturday morning trip to the zoo.
Buddies getting ready for the big game!

I love these kiddos!  Not sure why Linden looks so gloomy...I think she wanted Hunter's corn dog!!!

What a fun and exhausting birthday for our big 6 year old!!!!!
 Pausing for a photo as we make our way around the ball park.
 Someone needed to be carried so he could see up in the stadium.
 Sweet guys and best buddies.

 Another picture of our yummy birthday dinner.
 Can't  believe this man in 6 years old!

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