Thursday, September 19, 2013

A La Playa!!

There are so many things to talk about, to blog about, when it comes to our annual beach vacation.  I can't possibly describe all the things we did or experiences we shared, but I hope the pictures give everyone a great idea of all the fun we have.  The kids have a great time with each other, the cousins love seeing and sharing time together, David and Kevin have a chance to hang out and catch up and so do Noelle and I.  We also have fun hanging out and playing with the kids.  I know it is a much needed break for David; an opportunity to escape the pressure of work and hassle of crazy patients and demanding middle men.  It is also a break for me.  I can relax with my husband and enjoy time with my boys without having to worry about night time laundry, toilet cleaning, bill paying or the other 100 hundred things I do around the house.  The only part of the vacation that is missing is Ibis.  I wish the old guy could come with us.  He has always enjoyed the beach and we love him.

The boys wanted matching trunks and swim shirts, no I didn't insist, they did.  I liked it and it made it really easy to spot them on the beach.

Yahooo!  We love to Boogie Board!!!!  All the kids gave it a go, even I got out there and rode some waves.  I had forgotten how much fun it could be!
We also tried Bocci Ball.  The big kids were into it until the little kids came over and messed up the fun.  They all wanted to play, but couldn't manage to play together.  I think the big guys ended up back on the boogie boards.  Like I mentioned in an earlier post, we were able to do a lot more on the beach this year.  I can only see future vacations getting better and better as the little ones are able to control their attitudes and tempers!

Daddy was an awesome wave jumper!

Lots of time spent digging, collecting and building masterpieces with random beach finds.
My handsome husband and the love of my life.
I taught him those moves!  The waves this year were huge!  Perfect for riding in.  It was a little rough for the boys and they had to learn to get up and over the surf to wait for the next big ride.  You wanted to have fun (I was out there riding too) but you didn't want to get too deep because we had had several shark sightings over the week in very shallow water.  I found out later from a local surf shop owner that the south end of the island is a breeding ground for Bull and Tiger sharks.  We saw at least 4 sharks between 3-5 feet long in the shallow part of the surf.  Just thinking about them makes me squirm.

This big guy loved the ocean!

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