Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Mayfest 2013

What's a better way to spend a trip to Pilot Mountain than at the good ole Mayfest? Lots of junk to buy, shaky rides, terrible fried up and extra sugary coated everything and my kids think it is the next best thing to Disneyworld!!  Just give Lucas a bag of cotton candy and he is the happiest little man on the planet!!  For Hunter it is the rides and the music!

Waving hi to Daddy (unfortunately he was working this weekend).  This picture makes me giggle.  He is sipping a Sprite, to go with all the sugar from the cotton candy, sporting his new glasses because it was really sunny and wonderfully hot that day, and he has the biggest prize of the year on his head.  He and Hunter won a stuffed alligator throwing darts at balloons.  Chloe chose a awesome poster of some sort.

Here they are spinning for joy!!!  This was the first year I let my little babies ride alone (insert sniffing here...).  They love, love, love these little rides.

Yes, that is my little 3 year old way up in the air....loving every minute of it.

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