Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Brotherly love and weekend fun

 We spend a lot of time at home.  I love it...most days.  As the boys are getting older they play much better together but they also fight and pick and drive each other crazy.  In these few pictures I managed to capture some sweet pictures of them and showcase some of the activities we come up with at home.  This has been and unusually cold and wet spring and indoor activities were essential.  We do lots of creative things with play dough.  In the above photo they were making all kinds of food.  I know I have mentioned before all the cooking I do so it isn't unusual for them to want to 'cook' too.
 LOVE this!  They are cozied up in the ottoman in our family room.  On special occasions we turn the ottoman into a cozy bed and they get to watch a special show or movie.  On even rarer occasions Lucas lets Hunter get close enough to cuddle him.

 These 2 pictures display our Taco bar.  This is one of the kids most favorite dinners.  They help me prepare all the fixings and then they get to make their own Tacos.  It is a bit of a mess but they eat well and we all have fun with dinner, which can be a stressful time around this house.

 Lots of fun at the park.

 Okay, sometimes I get desperate.  After days of rain and more rain we needed some projects to keep us busy.  Here is the biggest mess in the world but the kids loved the experiment.  We all three worked together and made a volcano. The boys loved making the volcano, preparing the ingredients, and creating the fizz.
 Lucas made a bridge.

Another rainy day project.  Hunter was in school and we needed some fun for Lucas.  Like I have mentioned before, my boys love to cook.  They love to help me or better yet come up with their own creations.  Here, Lucas is using old flowers, rice and water to create some delicious concoction.  He has since learned how to make mud pies.  This kind of glorious mess provides at least an hour of entertainment and he is always to proud of the different 'dinners' he makes.

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