Thursday, September 19, 2013

Day on the lake

 The Turners had a great idea, RENT a boat!!  The weather was nice, the water warm and the company couldn't have been any better (well, we were missing David, with his presence this outing would have been perfect!).  It was so much fun!!!  As you can see the little ones were snuggled up and ready to go.
 One of my cutie pie sailors.
 Here is the gang, well most of the gang.  I just noticed that Larkin is absent in this picture, or is that her little hand behind Emerson?  She is so tiny,  I think that is her behind Emerson.

 All little ones tried tubing with the exception of Lucas.  We couldn't convince him to do it.
 He did enjoy swimming though.

It's always more fun with friends.  This picture is funny.  Hunter is giving the thumbs up to go faster and Emerson is giving the thumbs down sign to go slower.

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