Tuesday, September 29, 2015

NC ski trip to Ski Appalachia

 We love to ski!!  David and I bought our own skis and boots on sale when we got back from Colorado.  My boots have saved my legs!!  I loved skiing in Colorado but the rental boots were killer on my shins.  When we got back to VA we tried to take the boys skiing every chance we had.  These pictures are from a day trip up to Ski Appalachia.  There goes Lucas and David up the first lift.
 Our friends, the Nashida's, joined us for this ski trip!  Super fun and it was a first time for James.  He did a wonderful job staying up on those skis!

 My buddies hanging with me in the lodge.
 Mommy and Hunter.
 Mommy and Lucas.
 Thank you to the sweet guys who offered to take our family picture at the top of the lift.
Sweet boys that are my heart.

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