Thursday, September 24, 2015

Hot tubbing it for the evening

View from the pool!

Random picture of Hunter and Evan.  It was not the best picture but I don't have that many pictures of Hunter as compared to the other boys.  One reason was that he kept skiing off and leaving the picture taking scene.  He also wanted to be first and the fastest.  So Hunter, if you look back at this blog and wonder where your pictures are, you should stick around for a few and let the rest of us catch up!  I will try harder next year to get more of him!
To the pool!  The pools are heated, the hot tub is super heated.  I loved this.  The water felt so good on your muscles after days of skiing.  We should have come here more often but the days and evenings were so busy.  It was awesome to swim in 28 degree weather.
It's funny to see everyone sitting on the side and David had to get out for a minute.  It was amazing how warm you got in the water.

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