Wednesday, September 16, 2015

We made it!!

 We landed in Hayden, a small airport about 45 minutes outside of Steamboat.  It was pouring snow when we arrived and the airport was bustling with folks leaving their ski adventures and folks like us whom were just getting ready to start!

 Everyone was so surprised to see the snow!  It was so cloudy and snowy I had no idea we were landing until the wheels hit the runway.
 The airport was really small and only opens up for big commercial liners like these in the picture during the busy ski season.

From the airport we took a private bus to the resort.  This is a crazy picture from the inside and I'm not sure why this is the only picture I have!  We were all starving at this point and thankfully the driver agreed to stop at the nearest McDonald's to feed four hungry children!

 Selfie with my sweet Hunter as we leave the airport!

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