Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Ski school pickup

There goes the experienced crew down the mountain.  Look closely, no poles!  The kids learn to ski without poles.

Lining up and getting the report card for the day.  All the kids had a card with various completion levels on them.  Once they reached a goal confidently and safely the instructor would check them off on it and the following day the would advance to the next level.  The little guys worked mostly on getting their skis on solo, turning and making a wedge to stop and slow down.  The older guys advanced up to the harder blue slopes and focused on control and turning without having to wedge.

Telling me all about his day at school and looking forward to skiing a few more hours just with mom and dad and Hunter!

By the end of the trip the little boys only needed help onto and off of the lift.  They were so irritated by this.  It wasn't that they didn't have the skills to ski off, they simply were not tall enough to get on the lift without being lifted up and onto the seat.  This was the same problem with getting off....their size prevented them from moving to the front of the seat to prepare for the ski off.  Maybe next year...

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