Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Family Time!

We had a great time when it was 'adults only' but it was great to pick up the kids from school and still have a few hours to ski with them.  We also skied with them for the entirety of the last day.  It was wonderful and they were proud to show off all the skills they had learned at school.
Headed up the lifts.  Lucas was always happy to ride with big brother Hunter.
Look at them go!  Lucas was in the red and Blaine was in the yellow.  Evan was on the outside in this picture...I can tell by the sprig coming off the top of his helmet!

Beautiful, beautiful views.

Breakfast spot!  Breakfast was the biggest meal of the day for these kids!  We had a fabulous buffet in the hotel so we were sure to fill them up before hitting the slopes for the day.  They had lunch during school and then we all ate as a family for dinner.
Brian and Blaine headed to the top!

Fearless and fast in all he does!
Brian riding up with our two older guys.

Here we are trying to get our crew to the top!
Cutest little skier I have ever seen!
And Hunter can be too cool for school....

Follow the leader, please.

Always ready to go---Straight down!

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