Tuesday, September 22, 2015

And then we discovered the 'Feel Better Lodge."

Here we are having lunch at 10,000ft! I don't even remember the name of this restaurant but it was nicknamed the feel better lodge after the feel better room in the little kids ski school.
Every day we had a great morning of skiing.  We would find our way to the top of the mountain and take a nice long lunch break at the lodge.  We were guaranteed to have spilt pea soup and a nice beer of some sort served in these lovely Stella glasses!
Cheers to the love of my life.

Headed up to the top.  It was really cold on this morning.  I was so happy to have my goggles and baclava.  This was also a snowy day.  It was only cloudy when we headed up but pouring snow at the top of the lift.  You can see from the picture that our safety bar was up.  This was the last time we left it up!  I had this strange feeling that we needed to drop the bar.  After some persistence and to make me feel better we dropped the bar.  Within seconds the lift abruptly stopped and we rocketed up and down on the lift.  Lesson learned, safety first.
From this picture the falling snow completely greyed out the view of the mountains.
Great picture of the Dawson's at the feel better lodge.

Fueled up and ready to go!

Outside of the lodge.
At the crossroads deciding where to go next.

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