Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Grown up Time!

These pictures show what a fun time the four of us had while the kids were in school.  It was nice to ski and enjoy the company of my husband and some really good friends.  Enjoy!
Brian was really good and really helpful to me.  He was always encouraging me to do the more difficult terrain but not pushy when I chickened out!  For the slopes I was more comfortable on, yet were still somewhat challenging he would stay behind and make sure I made it to the bottom without completely wiping out!  I did have a couple of spills which required his assistance as skis went flying down the mountain.
Mary was also a great skier.  She made it look easy as she gracefully floated on top of the snow.

You can see my little tailer in this picture!  Thanks Bid Daddy!

Showing us how it's done.
So I can see from this picture that we could have used a selfie stick!  I never thought I would actually admit the need for one of those.  Not the best picture of David and I but you can see we are having fun so who cares, right?
Big Daddy was also great at selfies.

We made it!

This was my favorite run.  You are at the top of the mountain and it is long and wide and so beautiful all the way down.  You are so high up at this point it would take an hour or so to get back to the bottom where out hotel was.

Those boys can be nothing but trouble!  New flasks to celebrate the season I suppose.

All done for the day and getting ready to hit the hot tub.

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