Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Trip to the Dawson Mountain House

Beautiful house and a great weekend spent with friends!  Mary has family that lives in Asheville, NC and they have a beautiful mountain house not far from downtown.  They invited us up to spend the weekend with them  The big boys were able to pull together a mountain bike ride and Eliot and Avery were able to join them.  Mary and I manned the house with the four boys and fun was had by all, even in the yucky cool rain!  I have to add that it rained and was damp and wet the entire time!
Koi pond on the property and the boys got a kick out of feeding them.
As you can see from the picture the kids didn't mind the rain at all.  Mary and I were in full rain gear and actively trying to engage the boys in the woods in the rain!
Stunning views of Asheville from the yard of the Mountain House.  It was so beautiful!  Simply breathtaking.

Hot tub fun included! 
The romantic chalet from the front of the yard.  It is a true gem tucked away in the Asheville mountains.
It's hard to see in this photo but you can see the skyline of downtown from the house.  At night the view is amazing as the city is ablaze with lights.
The beginnings of a brotherly relationship.  These boys love each other and had a fantastic weekend together.  We look forward to more trips to the mountain house.  I hope the next time we have a little better weather!

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