Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The day before...Let's get ready to race!

Here we are waiting for bike check in.  Hunter, David and mom were along for support.  Only athletes were allowed into the transition area.  I had to go alone....I've never set my bike up alone.  I have always had David there to help, to check my tires, to make sure my horse was ready to ride.  Not on this day, this day it was all on me and you know what?  I did just fine.
All spectators back please, athletes only...
Headed up the ramp and trying hard to memorize landmarks so I could easily spot my bike after the swim and headed into transition.  It seems easy....why couldn't you find your bike?  The transition zone is full of bikes.  Millions and millions of dollars worth of bikes and bike gear are in this sweet spot.  I feel like finding my bike is a little like looking for a needle in a haystack.

These are lovely, I know.  All other races have race day marking.  Not today, we have these HUGE tatoos!

Quick pic of my helpers!

This was also new to me!  T1 was like a two part deal.  Upon exiting the water and running on this red carpet for 1/4 mile you entered a tent where you stripped off your wetsuit and found your helmet and other necessary gear for the bike.  You had to have it all in bags in this tent.  You couldn't have anything with your bike.  Meet haystack number ONE!

Once I get here I know I can finish the race!  Get me off the bike and let me RUN.  Meet T2 and haystack number 3!!  They had bike catchers that took your bike and racked it for you as you donned your running shoes and took off!

The last few pictures illustrate the sea of athletes and their friends and families the day before the race.  The last day to prep, the last day for anything.  It's almost 8 months after this event for me and as I type I can still remember the nerves, the smells, the sights and the emotions of that evening before the race.  It was a long, long night!

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