Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A few others worth mentioning..

 Just picture this moment if you will.  For those of you who really know Lucas it should be easy.  I have finished, I have survived the tangled mess of medal donning and food serving.  I am too nauseous to eat anything just yet but I did think every drink under the tent looked good, including the beer.  Yes, they had big tubs of beer for the athletes when we crossed the finish line.  I grabbed a beer and one chocolate milk.  These pictures describe my entire conversation with Lucas.  It went something like this,  "hey mom! I am glad you are done.  What did you get over there?'  "Thanks Lucas!  I heard you yelling for me!"  Lucas: "Is that chocolate milk?'
 "Yes, Lucas that is chocolate milk. "  I love the picture of him eying my two drinks here...scratching his chin and wondering how he is going to snag my chocolate milk!  Cracks me up!
 "Mom, are you going to drink ALL that chocolate milk?  Did you already start to drink some of it?" 
 "Mom. MOM!! Are you going to finish ALL of this chocolate milk?  Is there somewhere I can get some chocolate milk?"
 "MOM!!!!!  I really, really wished you would have gotten me one of these chocolate milks!!"  Me:  "Lucas, you can have the rest of the milk."  His reply..."I don't want yours you already put your mouth on it and drank some, I want my own!"  It is an immediate and lovely way to snap back to reality.

Cuties holding their Iron Man momentos from the Mont Tremblant build a bear workshop.  This was a sweet outing David took them on so I could shower and change after the race.  #Blessed

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