Friday, April 13, 2012

Lucas's 2nd Birthday!! Choo-Choo

Hunter showing off the loot bag prizes. Poor fellow started to feel lousy during the party and ended up sleeping on our bed through the last half of the party. He never did get the GI bug like David so I guess he had some viral illness and really overtired from the party and our week of guests.
Trying to open presents. With big brother Hunter feeling bad and asleep, Adam stepped up and helped open presents and pass them out. Lucas loved every minute of this!!
Blowing out his candles like a birthday professional. I wish we would have gotten this on tape. So if you can picture it....everyone was crowded around the table singing the Happy Birthday song, Lucas is wide eyed and swaying back and forth very proud that all the attention is on him. At the end of the song, I said, "go ahead, blow out your candles." He looked around like, I got this mom and blew his 2 little candles out! It was the cutest thing ever and I wish I had caught it on camera. Later that night when Hunter woke up and ambled out to the couch we sang Happy Birthday again and let him blow out candles again. It was really cute, but less in the moment than the original take.
Hello Thomas. The best cake ever!!! It was so yummy.
Pausing to check out the candy from an egg he found during our Easter egg hunt.
Waiting for the egg hunt to begin.
Coming up from the basement after a few minutes of playing and coal tossing to give David time to hide the eggs in the backyard. The 'coal mine' was the last stop on the train ride.
The General store, operated by Gaga. The kids could stop here and pick out a tattoo or sticker. They also got a glow stick to take down into the 'coal mine.'
Running around the general store.
Going through the tunnel and up and over the slide drink our first stop on the train ride. It is hard trying to think of ideas to entertain a crowd of 2 year olds and keep the older guests entertained as well. I decided to simulate a train station and have the kids all pretend they are trains. I spray painted railroad tracks on the yard and had a few stations to stop at until we reached the back porch. We started in the mountains and they crawled through a tunnel set up on bubble wrap, then they went up and over the baby slide and down to the general store. From there, they followed the tracks to the back porch and we all went down to the basement (it was dark and supposed to be like going into a coal mine). Once in the basement we had a coal toss. I made bean bags and had the kids toss them onto red boxes. This game and playing in the playroom gave the folks upstairs time to hide eggs for the egg hunt. It was fun and I hope the kids enjoyed it!

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