Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter 2012

Ring pops were a big hit this year in the Easter baskets.
Hunter loved the chocolate Easter bunny from Ga-Ga and Papa. I think we ended up hiding Lucas's bunny in the cabinet. They were so yummy I may just keep his for myself.
The Easter Bunny brought Chloe (aka Taylor Swift) a shiny new guitar.
Lucas was so happy to see some trains in his basket.
Hunter loves taking pictures. We recently took pictures of all different signs of spring with a disposable camera I bought at the grocery store. Hunter took pictures of blooms on the trees, green grass, the sandbox, our garden and just any ole thing that reminded of that spring is on the way. We took the pics in together to get developed then we made a picture book with all the photos of spring. It was fun. The Easter Bunny brought Hunter a camera for Easter. Who knows what our next project will be!
Lightening McQueen face painting!
Spiderman on the other side.
Gaga and the gang at the Easter carnival.
Linden and Lucas at the egg gathering. The eggs weren't hidden, just thrown in a big area of roped off grass. Kevin and I decided it was a egg gathering, not an egg hunt!

This Easter Carnival was a last minute decision. It was Saturday and we had planned on hosing Lucas's birthday party from 10-12. Sadly, we had to postpone his party due to David having the terrible GI bug. We did not want to have a house full of guests and David sick with the potential of getting everyone else sick. We changed the party date to Monday and everything worked out just fine.
When did these 2 get big enough to drive the gator?
Dying Easter Eggs.

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