Thursday, April 12, 2012

Trip to Grayson Highlands with the Turner Fam

Our first trip to Grayson Highlands was with the Turner clan. It was a picture perfect fall day with unbelievable fall colors. This was a tree that grew over a rock. Nature and the will to live never cease to amaze me.
Lucas deciding he wants to check out the ponies.
This little guy loved Hunter. It followed him all over the place. I really thought he was going to follow us back to the car (which would have been okay with Hunter!).
Hunter enjoying the beautiful fall colors. He loved the bright yellow leaves.
Here is the gang before we started the hiking. I have to mention that on the way up both Lucas and Larkin got carsick! We had to make 2 stops to complete a head to toe wardrobe change. The roads were very curvy and windy and the little folks just couldn't take it. I was a little worried when I had to use up my only extra outfit before our outdoor adventure even started! No worries, the rest of the trip was great and the kids were fabulous!
Sweet hugs. We need to make sure we hang onto this picture for another 15 years or so...just in case...
Here is Hunter's little friend again. It took Hunter a little while to build up the courage to pet this pony. The good mother that I am spent a good bit of time in the car on the drive up talking about the ponies and how they were wild and we couldn't pet them because they are wild and blah, blah, blah. Well, when we finally found the ponies they were surrounded by a group of folks feeding them, petting them and walking around with them. So there goes my speech when they walked right up to us and just begged to be petted. Cautious and respectful of course, but alas we petted, walked around with...BUT did not FEED the wild ponies!

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