Thursday, April 12, 2012

Things we do...

Well, I am finally coming to an end of blogging events for 2011. Like I have mentioned before, we had a very tough year with some devastating losses and family struggles. Despite our difficulties, we are a blessed family and a loving family that takes each day as they come and we soak up the love and comfort we have for each other. I tried to remiss on this catch up based on events that stood out in my mind. We are more than just events though. We have fun everyday...well most days, and these are only a few of the pictures that let you see some of the things we enjoy doing apart from those extra special occasions or activities. The above picture was exhaustion after a trip home to Pilot Mountain...I think.
We take lots of hikes when the weather allows. Hunter can walk about 3 miles before major whining starts! This was a trip to Sugar Hollow Park in Bristol, VA.
We dress up like super heroes and run around the house!
We spend lots of time on the Creeper Trail. This is the gorgeous tressel right below our house. The boys love walking or running across it and looking for fishing boats.
We rake huge piles of leaves in the fall and jump, roll and dance in them!
Getting ready to roll!
The boys wrestle on a daily basis. DO NOT let Lucas's smaller size fool you. He is much, much tougher than he looks.
We relax with our fluffy and furry family.
We watch for boats and throw rocks and sticks in the water by the dock.
We fish, picnic and swim at the lake.
We plant a garden and hope for the best each spring!
We cook, cook, cook. Well, I really cook. I usually cook 3 meals a day, 7 days a week. I know, just typing those words depress me too! The boys love to 'cook' too. I give them a little bit of everything and they are entertained for at least an hour, which is great, but the clean up is usually a nightmare.
Lucas putting forth his cooking skills.
We go to the pool and swim, swim, swim!
And when we get snow, we go sledding. This was a pretty mild winter so we didn't get to do much sledding. Hunter was disappointed with this, but not me!

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