Tuesday, June 5, 2012

School's Out!

Our family has been with Sinking Springs Presbyterian preschool since the fall of our first year here.  Hunter started in the infant classroom and is now ending with Mrs. Holt's pre-K program.  It has been a great year for Hunter and we are going to miss all the fun times there and I know Hunter will miss his friends.  It is hard to explain to a four year old that many of his friends will be going to other schools and he will not be returning to Sinking Springs in the fall.  On the other hand, Lucas will be joining the preschool in the fall and we all hope that this year will be more successful than last.  We did end up letting him go one day a week for the last month and it was better than the beginning of the year.  I hope he has more fun in the two year old classroom.  If not, we all may go bananas! 

Lucas loved the boxcar drama too.  Here he is playing in one of the boxcars.
The children read the Boxcar kids and put on a mini drama about the story.  It was cute and the kids had a blast playing and acting out their roles from the book.  Hunter was a runner.  Pretty fitting I thought!

 Here they are working at the store.  Lucas was hiding stuff under the table.
 Hunter's BFF, Adam, raking in the garden. Adam will be going to Sullins Academy next year and Hunter is really going to miss him. 
 Getting ready for the big run!  Hunter was so cute doing a few stretches!
Mrs. Holt reading and singing with the class before the play began.

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