Thursday, April 12, 2012

Eli's 5th Party and other Fall Fun

This year my nephew, Eli, turned 5. Unbelievable, to say the least, that 5 years have past since this vivacious little man entered our world. He wanted to have a dragon party and this was the fabulous dragon cake made by his super creative mom.
Some of the kids at the party pausing from the festivities to admire another one of Aunt Noelle's crafty projects...a backyard pond. Nope, there aren't any dragons in there, but there are some pretty fascinating gold fish, a teapot fountain and all the pecan shells a kid could want to launch into the water.
This dragon had special powers and laid eggs. The kids had fun with a dragon egg hunt.
Lucas eats the marshmallows because, well, Lucas will just about eat anything.
Hunter roasts the marshmallows. He doesn't like to eat them.
Sitting together one fallish afternoon by the fire. As the weather started to get cooler we built more and more fires in the evening while we grilled or cooked dinner. As portrayed in the pics above the boys enjoy the marshmallow roasting and we enjoy watching and helping.

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