Thursday, April 12, 2012

Our Trip to Grayson Highlands State Park

Grayson Highlands is a beautiful state park about an hour away from Abingdon and Sparta, NC where my parents have their mountain house. David and I found it hard to believe that we had never been here or heard of it all the years my parents had their house in Sparta. We spent many days exploring Stone Mountain, which can be seen from Grayson Highlands. Anyway, it is beautiful with lots of hiking trails, waterfalls and wild ponies. The boys love to hike, but they really love the ponies. These are pictures from our second visit to the park. The first trip we took with the Turner family while David was working. It was so beautiful and we loved it so much we went back again as a family the first chance we could when David was off.
Here are the ponies. They were all resting under the shade tree. They seem pretty tame. Most of the visitors feed them, but you aren't supposed too.
After a long hike on the waterfall trail the boys were ready for a picnic lunch.
One of the many waterfalls on our hike. Lucas rode most of the way. Thank goodness for the Ergo.
Hunter is an amazing hiker, very agile and sure footed. He had a great time!
Enjoying the view.

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