Sunday, July 20, 2014

Winter trip to Atlanta and the Medieval TImes show

 The opening arena.  Medieval times is a horse show/theater production that you watch while you eat.  Fun times!
 We all donned crowns which later the actors/actresses signed.
 3 of the cutest little knights I've ever seen!  Our meal consisted of dragon blood soup (tomato soup), dragon legs (chicken thighs), dragon fingers and dragon eggs (potato fries and twice baked potatoes) and for dessert we had apple turnovers.  Yummy!
 Here come our knights.  We were sitting in the red section so we were responsible for cheering on the knights in red.
 The King and the Princess awaiting the show to begin.

 Lucas and the King.
 Hunter and our leading Knight.
 Lucas and the Princess.
 Hunter and a knight from the opposing blue team.

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