Sunday, July 27, 2014

Rollerskating, yea we did that

Welcome to the dirtiest public place in Washington County, the rollerskating rink.  We were greeted at the door with cigarette smoke and belches.  Yes, we still went in.  Not even the 400 pound butt crack could keep us away.  We were here to roller skate.

 In Lucas's words, "I'm going to take off my shoes and put me on some roller-skates!" He wasn't afraid, he was ready to go and I was happy he had to leave his shoes on and wear the skates over the top.  Those skates were slower and easier to use. I wish they would have had a pair for Hunter.  That poor kid beat himself up.

 Up first and ready to go.

 Carolyn and Hunter trying to get out on the rink.
 LeeAnne and Alice making their way to the floor.
 The rails.  LOVE.THE.RAILS.  This is where Hunter spent most of his time.  He was either on the rails or on the floor.  I think he was black and blue for days.  Poor guy never gave up and by the end of this crazy afternoon he was getting it.

I must take a minute and reflect on the atmosphere of this place.  Step back to 1975, I wasn't even born but I guarantee this place was already 10 years old.  The same skates were still being used.  The same man was still working behind the counter.  And, I bet, the same pizza was being served.  The bathrooms didn't even have running water to the sinks.  Makes eating there sound even more pleasant. Just imagine Bill handing out 45 year old skates, then running to pee and then handing you your pizza. Yes, this is the type of places I take my kids.  We all need experiences, right?  And you know what, they loved every minute of it and I did too!

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