Sunday, July 27, 2014

Go Knicks!! Our first Upward Basketball experience.

This was a very pleasant introduction into basketball.  In small towns you aren't really noticed unless you play basketball, football or baseball.  I am being a little stereotypical here, but David and I grew up being very talented athletes in nonconventional small town sports with his biking and my running.  I would like for our boys to try as many different sports activities as possible and I'm certainly not knocking BB, BB, and FB but I don't know if I am ready to be that kind of mom.  I hear all these horror stories about practices to midnight and screaming, cursing parents!  I could write several pages on my theories of children and athletics but it would be boring and this is about our family, right?  See how I digress!! SO……we loved upward basketball.  We had wonderful coaches and a supportive and encouraging parental group (no cursing!)  We had one practice a week and one game on the weekend.  It was a time to learn some basketball skills but more importantly a time of fellowship and good sportsmanship.  Each practice and game had an allotted period of time to scripture and it was really nice to see the kids be enthusiastic over worship during a sporting activity.

Sitting on the bench taking a break and waiting to get back into the game.  The players rotate every 5 minutes to ensure that everyone gets ample playing time.  They also match you up with an opposing player to guard by similar ribbons.  The ribbon was affixed to their jersey to help them remember the person they were supposed to be guarding.  I must say a mom must have come up with that idea.
Getting tagged and matched to the opposing team.

Little Hunter had a great first season. He was shy, scared, and lacked confidence in the beginning but by the end of the season he was bringing the ball up the court and shooting like Micheal Jordan.  I couldn't tell you how many baskets he make over the season but I bet you he could!

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