Sunday, July 20, 2014

More pre Christmas fun

 We had a mini Gingerbread house decorating party with Emerson, Larkin, Blaine and Evan.  It was a fun evening of Christmas celebration complete with bellies full of yummy sweets.
 Larkin and Emerson had rock solid foundations with the help of super builder daddy Matt.
 Hunter working hard on finishing up his creative design.  Lucas had fun but he enjoyed eating the pieces used to decorate rather than actually using them to decorate his house.
 I have lost count at this point in the holiday season and from my delay in blogging but I think this was holiday hosting number 3.  We did something really fun this year and I am so sad that I don't have more pictures than this (maybe I will find some on another camera and blog more on the events later) but we hosted our family Christmas at our house this year.  It was fantastic to have everyone come visit Abingdon and see where we live and why we love our little town so much.  All my aunts and uncles from my mother's side of the family came up for the holiday and we had a blast. The food was wonderful, the weather was crazy warm and beautiful.  We had snow this year for Thanksgiving but on this day in December is was 70 degrees!!  We were able to open the french doors and enjoy our Christmas dinner on the porch.  After dinner the kids opened presents and we all participated in Dirty Santa!!
Nana and Uncle Larry serving up the desserts!

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