Sunday, July 20, 2014

Atlanta trip to Fern Valley Museum

 One thing about big cities is that they are filled with wonderful museums!  So much to see and learn about.  This museum was all about dinosaurs and our prehistoric world (or so I thought, you don't get to read very much with 4 kids running around.  They are much more interested in the actual exhibit versus reading all the information that goes along with it).  When they get older and can all read and soak in these amazing stories and facts it will be interesting to see if they discover the museums in a whole other light.  Who knows.
 Hunter and some huge, weird animal.
 I think this was a picture of a giant sloth.
 Snack time.  These are very important to some more than others.
 Some dinosaur fossils.  They are so, so big and so, so strange.  It is hard to believe such a creature ever existed.  If we didn't have the bones to prove it, I would never believe in such a thing!

 Amazing playroom with all kinds of interesting things to discover.

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