Sunday, July 20, 2014

The gift of Experience! Feeding the elephants at the Atlanta zoo!

 Isn't she beautiful?  Aunt Noelle and Uncle Kevin gifted the boys a trip to the zoo to participate in a behind the scenes elephant feeding and petting session.  It was wonderful and if you ever get the opportunity to do something like this you must!  It's not everyday you get to pet and feed an elephant.
 Lucas and Hunter were both a little intimidated by her size and wanted to be held while we did the feeding and petting.  She leaned up against the cage for you to pet her leathery skin.  We were instructed to pat very hard or else she would think we were just a pesky fly and then swat at us with her tail.  I don't think Lucas chose to pet her but I do think he fed her.

 Hunter and Daddy taking their turn at feeding and petting.

Family picture with our sweet elephant.  On a side note I have to mention that David was sick as a dog the 24 hours prior to our zoo trip.  He came down with a nasty GI bug and was down for the count for a solid 24 hours.  I don't know how he managed to walk through the zoo and then into the elephant barn (which didn't smell too pleasant!).  He hadn't had a thing to eat and not much to drink and was still able to hold Hunter to feed and pet the elephant.  He is a wonderful man and a magnificent father.  He kept saying, "I want to come, I don't want to miss it."  So, so sweet.  Poor thing!

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