Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tweetsie, we gave it a good try this year...

We had a fantastic trip planned for Tweetsie RR this year.  Thomas the Train was in the Smokies for a visit so we planned a trip with all our buddies and headed out to see him.  Lucas loves Thomas, much more than Hunter did at the same age so this was going to be great, Right?  Nope, it was a rainy, dreary and really cold mess!!  Under normal circumstances we would have just canned the trip from the start but our group of friends all had the day off from work, a very rare occasion.  There isn't much to say other than we did it, or we did it the best we could.  The kids didn't seem to mind the rain and in between downpours we did manage to ride a few rides.  We never made it up the chairlift, that event will have to happen another day.  I felt like the day was a disaster, but the kids really did have a good time and we all got to hang out for a nice, dry lunch afterwards.

 On the 1925 version of the Ferris Wheel.  I think the boys liked it.  I had a hard time watching them go up on this thing.  It was all I could do to snap this picture.
 Our friends on the tilt a whirl.  We all loved this ride.  This was one of the few we could enjoy in the rain.  Lucas loved this ride!

 Hunter and his BFF Adam getting ready for our train ride with Thomas.  We were all in sweatshirts and jackets during the middle of June.  It was only in the low 60s.
Okay, we tried.  We have the same picture of Hunter and Thomas from 2 years ago.  Lucas was over Tweetsie by this point.  Oh, to go another day...

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