Thursday, August 30, 2012

July 4th Independence Run

Last year Noelle and I ran the Amelia Island Independence 5k.  Kevin and David were our awesome supporters dedicated to manning the rest of our support crew (all 4 kids).  This year I had decided that David would run the race and I would man the kids.  To make a long story short, we both decided to run and David would push Lucas in the stroller.  Noelle joined us for the run while Hunter, Eli, Linden and Kevin cheered us on.  Now, mind you David is a great runner and he was pushing...let me say it one more time, PUSHING Lucas in the stroller for 3.1 miles.  I had the liberty to run on my on.  I was running really fast too, the fastest since babies, when who pulls up beside me and continues on to pass me, David, PUSHING Lucas in the stroller...not even our jogging stroller, but a semi jogging stroller.  I couldn't believe it!!!  What made it even worse was the fact that I couldn't keep up with them!!  I was so mad!!!  He crossed the line about 20 seconds in front of me.  He and Lucas were 4th overall in the race.  I was 5th and the first female finisher.  Despite the fact that I got beat by my husband pushing the stroller, I was very happy that I was able to break 20 minutes in the 5k again, 19:40 I believe.  I haven't seen those numbers since pre babies.  Mark my words...I will NEVER let my husband beat me in a race again PUSHING one of our children in a stroller!!!!

Here is Lucas getting ready for the big race.  This guy really does enjoy being pushed in the stroller while we run.  He joined me for most of my morning runs while at the beach.  He also loves riding here in Abingdon on the Creeper Trail.  Another difference in our children.  Hunter would just fall asleep, Lucas enjoys the scenery and the conversation and would NEVER dream of taking a nap when out for a run!
Our runners geared up for the event.  As much fun as David and I had running the 5k, I think the highlight for us was watching and cheering Hunter and Eli and they ran in the one mile fun run.  I was so proud of them.  They ran the whole way in 90 degree heat without complaints.  They had the biggest  smiles on their faces when they crossed the finish line.  Lucas earned a complimentary number for his coaching efforts in the stroller.

The Simmons running family.  Yes, Lucas was doing everything he could to get off my lap. He wanted back in the stroller to "run fast."
Go Eli!!!
Hunter and mom finishing up the last quarter mile.
Here are the big finishers!!!  They were so happy to have that blue ribbon.  This was a really fun morning.

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