Wednesday, August 29, 2012

July 4th Beach Trip!

 Kids boogie boarding on the beach, what could be more fun?  Fun times, even with a broken board.  The bigger boys like to ride the waves, while the little ones like to be pulled around in the tide pools.  The only distraction were tiny fish trapped in the pools.  It didn't take too long for a little fish search and rescue.
 Lucas enjoyed the sand and the beach much, much more this year than last.  He was a sour puss for most of the trip.  I guess it just goes to say it is hard being the smallest with the biggest attitude!
 Having a fun moment trying to scoop up lost fish in his bucket.
 Relaxing by the pool.
 Our little cheese at the Marche'.  There were so many activities here.  We attended a fun and delicious fish boil.  We ordered these huge plates with the usual shrimp boil ingredients.  We had yummy veggies and 9 HUGE shrimp.  This was Lucas's first experience with shrimp.  Not thinking he would like them I offered him a bite of mine.  Do you know that little monster ate every one of my shrimp!!!  He devoured all 9 of them like it was nobody's business..impressive for the little guy.
 Late night smores on the beach.  Lucas and I had to retreat for an early night.  Little guy gave it his all day after day, but by 8pm he was toast.
 Yummy smores!!!  Always perfect over an open flame on the beach with family.
 Yummy, yummmy,yummmmmy!!  Mexican night at the Ocean Club.  This is David's favorite dinner on the plantation and he talks about it all year.  Thanks to the Yo-Sims for the perfect company and invitation.
 Okay, to fully appreciate this photo I need to post a picture of this tree.  It is the most beautiful Spanish Oak I have ever seen.  I noticed it on one of my morning runs and thought it would be a great place to take a picture of all the kids.  Well, it was a beautiful tree surrounded by tiny, blood sucking mosquitoes!  It was all we could do to snap this shot and get the H&^*%(&^ out of there!  I think Kevin may have done a burn out in the golf cart.  (PS.  Note all the happy faces to be here.)
 Our little turtle friend, Miss Amelia.  Note how she is actually running away from girl:)
 Another fun activity for the kids sponsored by the kind folks on the plantation.  The kids had towels and had to run the beach, soak them in water and wring them out in the buckets.  The first to fill their bucket with water to the top won.  Great fun and as you can see Aunt Noelle did a really good job :)
 A really cute picture.
 Magic show at the Marche'.  The daddies gave the mommies a little break.  They enjoyed the show while we enjoyed finishing our drinks.

Golf cart ride out to Walker's Landing, another mosquito hide out.  This is a beautiful spot and we were lucky enough to spot a manatee swimming in the water.  Wish I could of gotten a picture of him.

We have the best beach vacations ever!  I hope in the years to come our boys remember all the fun times we had together at the beach.  Like last year our York-Simmons beach blast was over the Fourth of July.  It is a wonderful time to be on the Plantation at Amelia Island.  They have lots of fun filled activities for the kids and families.  I think that is what I love the most about all the festivities, they are all kid friendly!  We spent a blissful 10 days on the beach, running, eating, playing and sleeping.  This was the first time in a long string of family vacations that we were all 8 on the beach for longer than 2 hours.  We were able to go out in the morning and stay out until lunch and the nap retreat.  It was a wonderful trip, but like all good times they must come to an end...and sometimes these longer trips end with 8 folks screaming, "I am ready to go home!"  Don't get me wrong we are usually one big happy mess, but when you have 4 kids ages: 2, 3, 4, and 5, the days are anything but boring with guaranteed end of the day exhaustion!

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