Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Catch up Pics!

This is just a really cute picture of Lucas beginning to sit up all by himself...he is almost 6 months old here.

In the playrooom we have a Thomas the Train engine that Hunter enjoys giving Lucas double rides on. He is a great big brother and it is amzing to see how well they play together even though our little Lucas is still just a baby! Hunter often reminds me how much he loves Lucas and that he "wants to keep him!"


Cute pictures of some fun times outside before the weather starts to get chilly. The leaves have begun to change but we had some really warm days during the last days of September and first week of October.

Lucas loved the baby pool. In these pictures he wasn't able to sit up by himself so I held him and he had a blast kicking and swimming in the water. Big brother found this very entertaining and loved pouring water on his head. Lucas didn't like this so much and neither did Hunter when I started pouring it on his! I'm sure this won't be the last time they have a water fight in the pool...but I guess it was the first!

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