Wednesday, November 3, 2010


This is the greatest event and we look forward to it each year. The preschool has the trike a thon every year to help raise money for St. Jude's hospital. This was Hunter's third year as a participant. We have gone from pushing him in the little car, to walking with him on his bike (he was too shy last year to ride by himself) to sitting back and watching him ride while we talk with other parents and push Lucas in the stoller. Yes, Lucas was here and he loved watching all the action. Not sure why we didn't get a picture of him, but he was there!
He was a speed demon and we stopped counting his laps. He was a great driver and very careful of the smaller riders. We were very proud of him.

This may have been his favorite part...a balloon sword and a pirate hat! He was a bit confused when he saw other kids 'hitting' with the swords as this is a BIG NO NO at our house so he mostly just sat back and watched. After some time he must have decided this play was OKay and joined in the excitement. David and I just made sure nothing got out of control and let him sword fight away!

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