Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fair Time in Washington County

Watching the ducks swim.
All the boys run for the fire truck. I was so glad to see Hunter got the drivers seat!

Girls run for the cute VW bug!

The only roller coaster I will ever ride! And we were the only ones on it!

It wouldn't be the Washington County Fair if it didn't have about 100000000000 tractors!

Jet Ski's

One of his good friends, Adam, sharing a ride on the 4 wheelers.

He did everything he could so to try and not smile. It was the funniest thing!

Lucas LOVED the fair. Who am I kidding, Lucas loves any social situation where he gets lots of attention! Oh yea, and the lights, and the loud noises, and the bunches and bunches of kids. The merry go round was his first fair ride.

No, we do not need a bunny rabbit to take care of at our house.

David...not so much a fan of the fair, but he was a good sport to go!

Petting the donkey. He really wanted to ride it!

Okay, there really isn't much to say about the fair here. It is small and cost a small fortune to go. Hunter LOVES, LOVES it. I am ashamed to say we actually took him twice! Once as a family and then we took Chloe and Jenny. Of course he loves the rides or ride-ens and he calls them and the petting zoo. It wasn't so long ago that little Hunter wouldn't touch or even look at a strange animal...well now he is all over them. He loved the snakes, the spiders, wanted to pet everything and even wanted to pick up a mouse! Enjoy the pics, we all really enjoyed this little fair!

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