Wednesday, November 3, 2010

More updates

We are officially back running agian and we have had some beautiful fall runs on the Creeper Trail. This was Lucas's first time 'riding solo.' Usually Hunter is with us but he was in school.
Here they are in the double stroller. Lucas is still too little to sit in the seat so he rides in the infant carrier and if you look closely he is bungy tied in! This little man is on the move and refuses to lean back and enjoy the ride. Instead, he likes to sit straight up in the seat and aggrevate Hunter! They both enjoy riding together and we enjoy taking them with us. Poor David is a tough guy to push them both for our runs. We shorten our runs to 4-5 miles when the kids are in tow!

Waiting on Daddy to get down the access hill to the Creeper Trail. Hunter being cheesy. He has started making these ridiculous faces when we try to take his picture. I hope he grows out of this soon!

Hunter got tired of taking Lucas on train rides so I decided to let him try it on his own and what do you know he LOVED it! Now, he regularly takes train rides and it is the funniest thing to see this little baby riding round and round....he cries when it stops or you take him off of it! Yes, he even knows how to hold on.
Wrestling, one of their favorite activities. Can't imagine what this will be like when they get older. Guess we are glad Daddy is an ED doctor!

Sitting up at 5 months!

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