Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Lucas along for the ride. I would like to say that he actually enjoyed himself, but I think he would have rather been running around with all the other kids.
Unbelievable! Last year Hunter would not go up to a house without the guidance of Chloe and he wouldn't dream of saying trick or treat. This year he was first to the door, had no problem shouting trick or treat and thank you, and then was off running to the next house. One of us had to walk with the stoller while the other ran to keep up with Hunter. I will have some videos up of this soon! It was the funniest thing and at one point I think I actually heard him screaming, "I love candy."

Group photo of all the kids before they were cut loose to trick or treat. This is the best Halloween party and a happy memory that I hope our kids will have about Halloween when they get older. Each year our friends the Pillions host a great family Halloween party. There is good food and company and then the kids go trick or treating up and down the street they live on. It is in the historic section of Abingdon so there is no traffic and the kids get to go to about 25 houses...and this is way more candy than my little 3 year old needs. We have some great friends and some fabulous times in our little town.

Trying to get everyone in.

Lucas's little buddy Jacob. His mother and I were preggo at the same time with our due dates one day apart! Jacob was born one week after Lucas. Jacob's brother, Adam is three and one of Hunter's best friends!

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