Friday, February 17, 2017

Ski-cation day one---Steamboat Springs 2016

Here we go again, back to Steamboat Springs, CO.  We have all been anxiously counting down the days since our departure last year.  So many memories from last year's week of outdoor fun with best friends and family. Here go there four compadres ready to board the plane from good ole Tri-Cities, TN.
This looks cute and at 5 years old they totally think they can fly solo.  Not happening this time around.  Good try fellas.
On the other hand, these boys are great.  Totally in control, well behaved and super comfortable making the cross country trek together.
Safe travels and we are back to one of our favorite resting spots. The Sheraton Resort Bar and Grill is a great place to have a good lunch/dinner while we wait on our room.  Stella, water and Sprite all around.
Waiting on skis and boots.  No snowboarding this year.  They have shown a little interest in trying but for now we would really like for them to be GREAT on skis first.  I have a feeling by the end of this trip Hunter will be skiing better than both David and I.

First dip in the hot tub after a day of travel and check in is always a crowd pleaser.
So, the photos are a little out of order but you get the idea...this was our first day out of the 24211.
Early morning reading in the airport waiting on our 6:35am flight to arrive.

We made it to Atlanta! Hanging out and getting some breakfast before taking off to Hayden, CO.
At first there are electronics.
Then some reading and games.

Then, sleep....Hunter is always the best bet...the other three may or may not sleep.
Arrival!  A small airport and the place literally pulls in right to the airport front door!  Last year it was snowing, this year cold and sunny!

Thanks Brian for bringing Legos to build to end the day and occupy little people while we unpack!

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