Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Steamboat Springs 2016--Take V

Every day we hit the slopes at 9 so the kids wouldn't be late for ski school.  We picked them up at 3 and all 8 of us skied together until the lifts closed.  At the top of the mountain that was 3:30 and at the bottom for the gondola and Christie Peak it was 4:30.  We shut the mountain down every day!
Last day for these two guys.  Happy skiers after earning new furry friends to ski with!  This will also be the last year these two are in the toddler ski house.  Next year they will join their big brothers in 'big boy' ski school.  I bet in two more years all four of these guys will be better skiers than their parents!
Sweet faces and great friends to spend a week of vacation with!

Cheers!  I think the dad's took the boys down for some bro time while Mary and I skied some by ourselves.
Our first trip away from the resort.  We took the advice from a nice local guy we met on the Gondola and jumped on the shuttle into downtown Steamboat.  Such a cute little cowboy town!  This was an Italian restaurant that was fabulous and I know we will be back here in the future.
I love this sweet little face!  He still has his toddler look about him.  I wish they would stop growing up so quickly.

This looks like the boys' favorite run at the moment!  Why NOT!  A green run that they turn into a black diamond as they take every tree run, jump, off course path they can.  I'm a nervous wreck by the time we get to the bottom.

Daddies are the best!
Teepee stop on an awesome snow day!

Mommies are the best too!
Another beautiful snow day in Steamboat.

Happy and happier!  Boys and their buddies.
Ending the day and taking a moment to listen to the Texas music festival you can see going on in the background.

One side solved!  I think the only person who solved the cube this trip was Brian and one of the waiters we had serve us for breakfast at the hotel.
This boy has two speeds, wide open or fast asleep.  He literally fell asleep at the dinner table!

We were exhausted as well and there is nothing more comfortable than one of your favorite little people snuggled up all warm and squishy by your side.

And the chairlift wouldn't be complete without a brand new flask gifted by your bestie.  An important way to stay warm in the frigid CO air, right?
Snow day at the top!

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