Friday, February 17, 2017

Steamboat Springs skiing 2016--Take II

While the kiddos enjoy ski school and receive some of the best ski instruction the country has to offer, the parents enjoy the mountain.
Family breakfast every morning with a great view of Steamboat Village.

Up the gondola.

It must have been rather warm this day.  Usually, you don't see any of my fleshy pink skin.  I am guessing it must have been somewhere in the 30s.
Mary just floats down the slopes.  I try to watch her to hone in on my own skills!
Hello FBL, oh how we missed you.  Our favorite lunch stop at the top of the mountain.

Sometimes you simply must stop and take in the scenery.  It is stunning when the sun hits the mountain and glistens off of the snow.  The pictures help set the tone but really don't compare to how beautiful the mountains are in person.

Watching the first track skiers load up on the gondola and chair lift to take advantage of the freshly groomed snow.

Awe, pics with our true loves!

Happiest guys on the planet!  No worries with the stress of work today.

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