Tuesday, June 5, 2012

So far this summer

 My boys playing in the creek at Sugar Hollow park.  They were turning over rocks and looking for crawdads.
The boys and I go on many adventures (sadly David is usually at work).  This is a picture of them standing in the train engine down in Damascus.  We had been on the playground, down in the creek and on the AT watching hikers as they pass through on their way to Maine.
Strawberry picking with Emerson and the Turner family.
 Our first pony rides!  We tried doing this with Hunter several times when he was younger but he wouldn't get any where near the saddle.  He loved it!
 Not to be out done by anyone, Lucas was the first on and ready to go!  He did it by himself of course!
 Hunter rigged up this ride and they had a blast.
 Down at the pond in Sparta.

 Playground fun at Sugar Hollow.
 Hello Pool!!

Lunch at the Mellow Mushroom on a dreary, cool afternoon and a day before the Iron Nut!

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