Thursday, June 17, 2010

Just stuff.

My beautiful anniversary flowers. Playing with the water squirters. Hunter always one to keep it safe in the life vest. Chloe did have hers on but she got "too hot."

First trip back to the pool.

Hunter dancing on the tressel. He moves like his daddy!

One of our first family runs in our new Bob duallie. It is great. Hunter loves the company and Lucas usually just sleeps. David's load just keeps getting heavier and heavier.

This day Hunter decided he wanted to run. So we let him...and he ran for 1.5 miles. We couldn't believe it and he was so pround of himself! He crashed on the couch and took a 3 hour nap after this adventure too.

One of Hunter's favorite things to do is to take a trip up the Creeper Trail to the cow farm and chat it up with the cows. He usually runs or rides in the bike buggy. This time Chole accompanied him and loves posing for pics! She is such a ham!

Really tired after a bike ride. He usually says, "I need to rest a little bit, please."

Super fast over the tressel and I just realized he isn't wearing his helmet. I am going to have to ask David about that.

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