Saturday, June 5, 2010

First trip to Pilot Mountain!

Hunter is showing Shelton how the keys turn to start the Polaris.
Aunt Jenny and Lucas. I think the porch swing tuckered him out!

All three grand babies at Granny's house.

Trying to stike a pose with all four great grand babies.

Helping Papa fix the tractor. Hunter LOVES tractors and big machinery. He could have worked on this tractor all day long.

Lucas getting some Granddaddy time.

Hunter loves his Granddaddy!

Papa is great at getting Lucas to fall asleep! This is one of his favorite spots to take a nap.

Grandma with baby Lucas. Thankfully, he was really good and she got to hold him for quite some time. He is almost as big as she is!

Starting to smile!

Playing school. I will let you guys decide who was the teacher.

I painted Chloe's toenails and then Hunter wanted his painted. I convinced him that boys don't paint their toenails, but he could help dry them with the blow dryer!

We had great trip home for the first time with Lucas. Okay, maybe great is a stretch, only because it was a short trip trying to see some many folks. Lucas wasn't a big fan of the carseat and a 2 hour ride can really test one's nerves. Poor Hunter kept shouting, "Lucas I can't hear!"

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