Saturday, June 5, 2010

Weeks 4-8!

Asleep in the Ergo close to mommy, just the way he likes it!
Hunter is always wanting to hold him, Lucas does his best with this.

Little miss Happy! Meet Olivia our cousin. She and her mom and daddy came for a visit. She is so cute and oh so much fun! Can't wait to play again!

Okay, so I am a little slower to blog these days. I feel like the weeks are just zipping by and I can't believe our little Lucas turned 8 weeks old yesterday. We haven't been up to too much excitement, just the punches that roll with balancing our family of 4. David is back at work full time and the boys and I have had several days and nights alone. Some days and nights are better than others, but we are setteling in to a rountine of sorts and Hunter is a big help. It is hard to rely on a 2 year old for help, but these days mom is more tired and he is having to earn his keep!

It is amazing how fast Lucas is growing and changing. Unfortunately, we had a sick visit last week for a nagging cough and he is already up to 13.5 pounds. He is doing much better and the cough is gone! We all took turns in this household with a nasty cold. Poor Hunter and David took the brunt of it with Hunter having croup and David with a nasty cold and cough. For now we are germ free and we hope to keep it that way. Lucas has started to impress us with cute little smiles and the occasional roll over. Hunter thinks this is hilarious and tries extra hard (sometimes too hard...and Lucas ends up crying) to get him to smile. You can already see that Hunter is Lucas's main attraction. His eyes will search all over the room to find where his voice is coming from. I hope they are going to be the best of friends. Hunter already refers to him as his best buddy.

David and I are doing well and trying to survive some of the longer days and nights. We have even managed to squeeze some running back into our lives. We have a double running stroller now and it has been a blessing to take the boys out for runs, even if it is only for 30 minutes. Most of the time David pushes the stroller, but I am proud to say that I took them for a run solo yesterday and managed to push them just fine. Yes, I am going at a snail's pace and Hunter is yelling ,"go mommy, go" for encouragement!

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