Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Beach!

Last day at the beach...sniff, sniff.
Yes, we did stop at Chuck-e-Cheese in Asheville on the way down. David admitted this place was his worst nightmare, but it helped break up the long drive. I had an iteniery and we took 2 days to travel on the way down. It was a fun adventure, especially for Hunter.

Our attempt for a kid pic. They all did great considering it was a billion degrees outside. Eli was a pro holding tight to baby Lucas.

After a pretty rocky start with Simmons #2 we finally got a chance to relax for almost 2 weeks at the lovely Amelia Island. To make a long story really, really short we were a household of illnesses just about from the moment little Lucas came home from the hospital. But now, 16 weeks later, we are all doing much better. We had a wonderful time in the hot Florida sun with our fabulous neice and nephew and my pretty cool sis and brother in law, all of whom I wish we could see and hang out with much more often than we do. The days were full of fun and Hunter and Eli are best buddies for sure. I must say it was the first time that I spent more time indoors at the beach than out. It was just too hot for little Lucas so we just played inside and enjoyed our oceanfront view.

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