Sunday, January 17, 2010

Brief updates

Finally the snow is melting away so things around here can get back to normal. We have started work in the basement and I will post pics of the progress at some point. Our plans are to have the basement refinished by the time the baby comes so keep your fingers crossed.

I am 26 weeks and feel pretty good. Not as comfortable as I was with Hunter, but I have had really good check ups at each doctor's visit. For those of you that haven't seen me lately, I am big. Hunter actually referred to me as an elephant the other night as we were reading one of his bed time books. I did not find this one bit flattering, but he thought it was hilarious. We haven't picked out any names yet, but we are working on it.

David still loves working at the hospital. Not much has changed there. They should be moving over to the new hospital around this time next year.

Hunter is a mess and such a sweet little boy. He is our little repeat, so one must really watch what they say. He loves to cuddle at naptime and bedtime. These are extra special times for us as a family so I am a little curious as to how the dynamics of this routine will change with the new baby. I am hoping it will be just more boys to cuddle with! His favorite things to do are read books, play with his Legos, work puzzles, help me cook and clean, play with play dough, play with his trucks and cars and of course play with his friends at shcool. His reading is lots of fun. He loves to read the books by himself and he is getting really good at it. He knows all his colors, can count to 10 (most of the time) and right now we are working on the alphabet and recognizing letters and numbers. Poor thing is learning to recognize numbers from helping me warm up left overs in the microwave! He also loves to write and can officially start off his name with an H. I think he is glad to see the snow melt so we can get back into our little routine.

We took a picture of Hunter's first H!! Didn't he do a good job.

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