Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow, Snow, Snow!

We have had so many snow days! Finally, finally Hunter decided that if he wanted to go outside he was going to have to get bundled up and just go. We purchased him a snow suit and it has turned out to be one of our better purchases for him this year. It fits great, keeps him warm and I think the combination of the two just made the whole, cold snow experience better for him. David andI were very happy to have him outside. So far he loves sledding with daddy and Abby, sledding rides on the Creeper Trail and shoveling snow with daddy off the driveway. I just kind of mill around in the background and try not to fall with this big ole belly. It is fustrating that I can't go sledding with them, but if we have this much snow again next winter I will have 3 boys to go sledding with!
This is a great picture and I wish I could have gotten a closer zoom. They are all running, even Abby! You should try to blow this one up to get a better look.

Before we got our nifty snow least he had some good boots!

Stopped on the tressel on our way back to the house. I promise Hunter was enjoying himself.

I believe he was starting to get cold and hungry for lunch. Playing in the snow really makes little boys hungry and tired!

Finally, we got him to put it on! He must love this outfit...he never complains when he has to put it on to go outside.

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Jewell said...

Dear Jaime,

I cannot tell you how excited I was to come across this. It is weird how boredom and blog links can bring you home! No matter the roads we travel or where we end up in life, the memories of our childhood are some of the best. I cherish my Jodi, Jaime, and Jenny days like no others and even still, think about you guys from time to time, wonder how life is treating you, and smile when I think about being Jodi's "ga-ga" or Jenny making me laugh until my ribs were cracking while we were in high school or the horses. It has been fun catching up with you through your blog. I must say that your little Hunter is nothing short of precious and I can only imagine the joy he brings to your life and that of John and Ginger's. You are just as beautiful as ever and obviously fill your days being a terrific mommy. Though I do not know David, I can imagine what his ER days are like in a hospital. I am not sure when #2 is due, but wish you only the best with that little one too. Much happiness and health to you all! Please give Jenny (her little Chloe is an absolute doll, but Mama already told that she was beautiful) my very best, and Ginger, and Jodi, and Susan.....

Jewell Jessup