Sunday, January 17, 2010

Christmas with the Shouse's

This year we celebrated Christmas at my Aunt Jackie's house after Christmas due to the big blizzard we had around here. Instead of drawing names like we usually do, we opted for a spirited game of dirty santa. It was lots of fun and I enjoyed watching everyone open their gifts.
Once again Chloe and Hunter were professional present openers and everyone was kind enough to let them take turns opening presents...even after they had opened all of theirs. In this picture Hunter is giving Chloe one of the many looks of the night which read, stay away this is mine to open! He got really good at saying, "It is not your turn!"
I love David snickering in the background. Dad is opening his gift and I don't think he was too pleased with it.

Aunt Jackie and Uncle Joe got the kids some great hand puppets. Chloe is hooting it up with Gaga.
David working on Hunter's dinosaur puppets.

Nana and Uncle Larry gave Hunter some puzzles. Apart from reading, working puzzles are his next favorite thing to do. I bet we have already worked these puzzles a 1000 times!

Just a really cute picture. Not sure what I am doing here. I am probably holding him back from grabbing presents that are not his.
Likes his gift. First season of Criminal Minds..who wouldn't?
He slowed down just a minute to grab a bit to eat.

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