Sunday, November 8, 2009


Hunter and I have had a really busy month of October. We have had travels home to Pilot Mountain every weekend but one! Boy that makes for a crazy time, but we had lots of fun. Wasn't too much fun for David who was stuck working most of those weekends!

Riding in the St. Jude's trike-a-thon. This is a great event that we have been looking forward to since last year. The kids from the preschool raise money by getting donations for participation in the trike-a-thon. It is a little chaotic, but loads of fun and eveyone has a great time!

Patiently waiting to start! Burrrrrrrr, it was really really cold that morning!
Still can stop at the pit station and refuel with snacks and juice. Most of the boys made a quick stop and just kept right on going. The girls were so funny, they each got what they wanted and all sat down in a circle to chat and eat! The parents of only boys got a big kick out of this!
David walked around with him the entire time. Hunter did fantastic on his bike, but we still have trouble stopping....especially when little ones are out of control and flying about everywhere!

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